Cooking and Cleaning

Sounds dull? Not to Kate who dreams one day of becoming the first Masterchef on wheels.  

Kate is one of the people who are now benefiting from our new kitchen. Purchased with the funds raised from Dine out for Disability in 2011, this purpose built accessible facility now means that we are able to assist more people with disabilities learn the skills for life.  

Kate identified to ConnectAbility that he would like to be able to cook for herself as one day she might move out of the family home and live independently.  

Kate enjoys her twice weekly cooking. At these sessions she has been learning to plan his meals and budget for the shopping. She identifies different types of food for a nutritional meal and learns how to cook food safely, and of course the important task of cleaning up afterwards. 

Kate can now prepare simple meals for herself and for her family. As his parents age Kate’s independence is also important for them and they love Kate’s confidence in the kitchen. 

It has been great to see people like Kate develop their skills and confidence. With our new kitchen our cooking group has taken on the role of caterers for morning teas and other events such as the Mothers Day High Tea. The families who attended were delighted to see and taste their achievements.  

With the support provided by the Newcastle and Hunter Australian Hotels Association,  hotels throughout the Hunter and the Hunter Community, ConnectAbility now provides more opportunities for people like Kate to reach their full potential.